Sustainable Salmon Farming

Arctic Fish is farming its first generation of Salmon in the pristine environment and conditions of the Westfjords. The low temperature waters and sustainable farming methods contribute to the production of superior quality salmon, ready for distribution to all corners of the world.

Arctic Fish has an integrated value chain and grows out its own smolt in a hi-tech recirculating aquaculture system. The facility is the first of its kind in Iceland and is the heart of the production process. The hatchery uses hydroelectricity making the facility one of the most sustainable hatcheries in the world.



Currently operating at five locations in three fjords on the Westfjords peninsula of Iceland



- Certified disease-free and therefore no use of antibiotics

- ASC certified sea-raised in clean Arctic waters of Iceland

- Juveniles raised in crystal clear waters using warm springs and green energy
Icelandic Production
Icelandic Production
No Antibiotics
No Antibiotics
Green Energy

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