Registration is closed

Registration for the AGM on May 30th has officially been closed

Date and time

May 30th

11:00 GMT
13:00 CEST


Microsoft Teams

Link to join


Directions for registration and voting

May 30th 2024
11:00 GMT (13:00 CEST)

The Annual General Meeting will be held electronically
through Microsoft Teams. To participate virtually, please use the
following link: Link to join

The link will also be sent to you when you register.

How to access the meeting

To be able to participate online, you must go to the following link: Link to join
either on your smartphone, tablet or PC. All major known browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox etc. are supported.

You will have the opportunity to log in half an hour before the shareholder meeting starts.

How to vote

When items are available for voting, you can vote on all items as quickly as you
wish. Items are closed for voting as the general meeting considers them. Click on the vote button to confirm your votes.
To vote, press your choice on each of the issues. FOR or AGAINST.
Once you have cast your vote, you will see that your choice is marked.
To change your vote, click on another option before submitting your votes.

NB: Logged-in shareholders who have given a power of attorney will not have
the opportunity to vote but can follow and write messages if desired

Attendance and proxies

Shareholders who wish to virtually attend the general meeting with a proxy have to register this no later than 28 May 2024 at 16:00 hours (CEST) through the form above, or by sending the
attendance form attached to the form above.
A proxy may also be granted to the chairman of the board, either
with or without voting instructions, as further described in Appendix 2.