Annual General Meeting

 June 2022
13:00 hours (CEST)

The general meeting will be held electronically
through Lumi. To participate virtually, please use the
following link:

Required reference and PIN codes for access to the
electronic meeting are obtained by logging onto VPS
Investor Services here:

How to access the meeting

To be able to participate online, you must go to the following website:
either on your smartphone, tablet or PC. All major known browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox etc. are supported.
enter Meeting ID: 153-651-163 and click Join:

You must then identify yourself using:
a) Ref. number from VPS for the general meeting
b) PIN code from VPS for the general meeting

You will have the opportunity to log in one hour before the general meeting starts.
Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the information page for the general meeting. Here you will find information
from the company, and how this works technically. Note that you must have internet access throughout the meeting.

How to receive your reference number and PIN

All shareholders registered in the VPS are assigned their own unique reference and PIN code for use in the General
Meeting, available to each shareholder through VPS Investor Services. Access VPS Investor Services, select Corporate
Actions, General Meeting. Click on the ISIN and you can see your reference number ( and PIN code.
All VPS directly registered shareholders have access to investor services either via or internet
bank. Contact your VPS account operator if you do not have access.
Shareholders who have not selected electronic corporate messages in Investor Services will also receive their reference
number and PIN code by post together with the summons from the company (on registration form).
Custodian registered shareholders: Shares held through Custodians (nominee) accounts must be transferred to a
segregated VPS account registered in the name of the shareholder to have voting rights on the General Meeting. Once
shares are transferred to the segregated VPS account, a reference number and PIN code are assigned to this account.
Please contact your custodian for further information.

How to vote

When items are available for voting, you can vote on all items as quickly as you
wish. Items are closed for voting as the general meeting considers them. Items will
be pushed to your screen. Click on the vote icon if you click away from the poll.
To vote, press your choice on each of the issues. FOR, AGAINST or ABSTAIN.
Once you have cast your vote, you will see that your choice is marked. You also
get a choice where you can vote jointly on all items. If you use this option, you can
still override the choice on items one by one if desired.
To change your vote, click on another option. You can also choose to cancel. You
can change or cancel your vote until the chair of the meeting concludes the voting
on the individual items. Your last choice will be valid.

NB: Logged in shareholders who have given a power of attorney will not have
the opportunity to vote but can follow and write messages if desired

Attendance and proxies

Shareholders who wish to virtually attend the general
meeting with a proxy have to register this no later than
2 June 2022 at 16:00 hours (CEST) through VPS
Investor Services , or by sending the
attendance form attached as Appendix 2 by email to, or by regular mail to DNB Bank ASA,
Registrars Department, P.O.Box 1600 Centrum, 0021
Oslo, Norway within the same deadline. A proxy may
also, be granted to the chairman of the board, either
with or without voting instructions, as further
described in Appendix 2. Shareholders who wish to
participate in person in the electronic general meeting
are encouraged to pre-register attendance through
VPS Investor Services within the abovementioned deadline. Preregistration is, however, not a requirement for logging
in and participating on the day of the general meeting.

Hours of Operation

08:00am – 16:00pm



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