License update for Arctic Sea Farm

júní 5, 2023


Reference is made to the applications of salmon licenses for up to 8,000 tonnes maximum allowed biomass (MAB) in Isafjardardjup in the Westfjords of Iceland, as disclosed in the Company’s information document from 19th of February 2020.

Today, MAST (Iceland Food and Veterinary Authority) and Umhverfisstofnun (The Environment Agency of Iceland) have both advertised their proposal of new farming licenses for Arctic Sea Farm, a 100% owned subsidiary of Arctic Fish Holding AS for 8,000 tonnes (MAB) in Isafjardardjup. Of which the maximum biomass of fertile salmon can amount to a maximum of 5,200 tonnes at any given point in time, the remaining or all can be rainbow trout. This license replaces a previously issued rainbow trout license for 5,300 tonnes at one site in Isafjardardjup, with two new sites being added and biomass production increased from 5,300 tonnes to 8,000 tonnes.

Now stakeholders have until July 5th, 2023 to comment on the license and after that, it should be issued. When the license has been issued the company will hold 29,800 tonnes (MAB) of licenses; licenses for fertile salmon for 27,000 tonnes (MAB); and trout licenses for 2,800 tonnes (MAB).

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